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Forthcoming Events

Thursday 23 March

I will be speaking on ‘Magical Stones and Gems in Pre-Modern England’ at Treadwells Books, London

Tuesday 4 April

I will be speaking at Bury St Edmunds Farmers’ Club on ‘The Gages in Bury St Edmunds’

Saturday 8 July

I will be leading a study day for Wuffing Education on the history of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

Wednesday 18 October

I will be speaking on ‘Witchcraft and Magic in the Fens’ at Peterborough City Archives

3 comments on “Forthcoming Events

  1. Mary Anne Garry
    May 7, 2016

    At what time will your book launch take place on Thursday 12th May ?
    Will you be giving a talk about the Rookwoods ? And do you include the Norfolk branch flt 1650 ?

    • jacobite
      May 8, 2016

      The talk will start at 7.30pm. The Norfolk Rookwoods are briefly mentioned in my book but I would be very keen to know more about them. The talk will focus on the Rookwoods of Stanningfield who are the main subject of the book.

  2. Mrs Mitch Marshall
    June 22, 2016

    Hello I am secretary of the Great Barton History society and have been given your name as someone who gives very interesting talks. Do you have a list of your talks, with brief description ?

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